SPS - If I ran my company this way I'd be broke or in lawsuits

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We had a house fire and have been trying to get the insurance check endorsed so we can pay the contractor and finish the repairs.When we initially notified SPS we were sent a package of documents and told to have them signed and returned, which we did, along with the insurance check that was made payable to us and SPS.

After a couple of weeks we called to find out when they would issue a check to the contractor, and we were told that it would be an additional 7-10 business days because SPS was servicing too many claims...so we called back in 10 days (today) and we were told they did not have all of teh documents they needed to process our check?? Obviously this information should have been brought to our attention much earlier, but was not, and all they could say is "we're sorry" even though I've now had to pay out of my pocket to keep the contractor working on my house.

So, we completed the new documents (today) and faxed them back to SPS...we called to try to make sure that they had them (even though I have a fax delivery sheet showing they do) and I was given a complete runaround by EVERYONE I spoke to from teh Loss Drafts department in Springfield OH to the Corporate office in Salt Lake City.

I have NEVER been treated so rudely by a company in my life, and if I can ever get this loan paid off or refinanced I'll gladly do it.I understand that SPS is now a division of Credit Suisse, and someone needs to tell Credit Suisse how poorly SPS is managed!!

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